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Creating Mommy's Mission University

   Mommy’s Mission University was created after witnessing the enormous negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mothers. Women, specifically mothers, were forced to quit their jobs due to the lack of childcare and the closing of schools. Along with losing a job comes the loss of wages, loss of healthcare benefits, and from that point, the domino effect begins.

  After researching that by September 2020, nearly 865,000 women had lost their jobs and ¼ of them being mothers who were forced to quit due to caretaking, my feminine instincts kicked in. I felt as though it was my duty to help in assisting these women and their children. By this time, I’d established my business consultancy for moms,  Mommy’s Mission, but I didn't have the capacity to take on many clients as a single-member, start-up company.

   One day, after pondering on ideas, the vision came to me very clearly to start a virtual University for moms. Along with this vision, I heard these words: “Create courses to teach moms how to start businesses for themselves and their kids in order to start compensating for the income they've lost.”

   That was the perfect idea! I began doing more research to become knowledgeable of issues that mothers were having in entrepreneurship and then I began coming up with solutions to these problems. I have incorporated the teachings of these solutions within some of the courses that I’ve created.

   Mommy’s Mission University launched on February 22, 2021.

Turning Motherhood Into A Business 


Need assistance with the techniques of balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship? 

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Learn several ways to secure your children's financial future.


Are you interested in creating a business for your children?

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S.H.Evolve Inc.


S.H.Evolve Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers disadvantaged minority girls and provides opportunities for growth!

Mommy's Mission


Mommy's Mission is a business consulting service teaching mothers how to "Turn their Motherhood into a Business." This program also teaches working mothers how to transition into working-from-home.

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